NaPoWriMo – challenge accepted!

Day 1 of NaPoWriMo.

Today’s prompt: Write a poem that has the same first line as another poem.

As a song is basically a poem to music, I am going to write a poem with the same first line as a song, and in keeping with April Fool, the original song’s title will contain the word “fool”. I’ll let you know what it was at the end.

Don’t Let Go

You don’t know me, but I know who you are,

I’ve seen that look before.

A million and one times in the bathroom mirror,

Alone, confused, so unsure.

You think that you have to face it alone,

Yet that’s so far from the truth.

Don’t let go, it will pass, don’t you know there are great things for you to do.


Take a seat, lend me an ear, I was there myself,

Too tired to think or pray.

My dreams were tattered, not a hope had survived,

I thought they’d been washed away.

But we’re not quitters, we’ve got what it takes,

And you’ll start to see the truth.

Don’t let go, it will pass, don’t you know there are great things in store for you.


You may think I don’t know your pain,

You’d be surprised what I’ve been through.

Just like you I’ve been kicked ’round and let down,

But I grew strong and so will you.


No, please don’t thank me, just stand tall,

Don’t let that spark disappear.

You’ve got it in you, I know you do,

Your faith is stronger than fear.

And I hope one day that you’ll see me and say,

That you know I spoke the truth.

You didn’t let go, and it passed, don’t you know there’s a greatness inside of you.


Okay, that was loads of fun, and it felt incredible to write again – I just wish I’d chosen a song with a more regular meter for the first shot! (By the way, it was Lee Ann Womack’s “The Fool” – fantastic song!)

About One Day Closer To My Dream Life

Hi, I'm Angel, and I'm so glad you stopped by. Although Life took me down another road, since childhood I have loved writing and the power of language to evoke feelings and memories, to communicate with the hundreds of people we come into contact with and build relationships with along the way, and to impart ideas with. It's high time that I reunite with my old pleasure and passion, and start writing down all those words that are rushing around aimlessly in my head, jostling with each other to be heard. Sometimes we most fear doing what we love most in case it doesn't work out as we hope, but sometimes we just need to take that chance regardless! Who knows, maybe those words and plots and characters will take me on a journey that others will get to share with me, and lead me one step closer to living my dream life... I hope so!
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