Day 7 – A Working Girl’s Question

Today’s prompt: Write a poem with each line a single, declarative sentence, and use a question for the final line.

I may not have written a new poem each day, but if I skip a day, I intend to catch up. Here is my second offering today to get back on track. 

A Working Girl’s Question

By Angel Dawson

Turn off the alarm.

Get out of bed.

Feed the dogs.

Clear your head.

Have a hot shower.

Find something to wear.

Do your makeup.

Do your hair.

Make something for breakfast.

Pack something for lunch.

You’re going to be late.

The traffic’s a crunch.

“Just make me a spreadsheet”

“Just proofread this letter”

“Just pop into my office”

“Yes, that sounds much better”

Make a cup of tea.

Drift away in the steam.

Close your eyes and relax.

Was this really your dream?

About One Day Closer To My Dream Life

Hi, I'm Angel, and I'm so glad you stopped by. Although Life took me down another road, since childhood I have loved writing and the power of language to evoke feelings and memories, to communicate with the hundreds of people we come into contact with and build relationships with along the way, and to impart ideas with. It's high time that I reunite with my old pleasure and passion, and start writing down all those words that are rushing around aimlessly in my head, jostling with each other to be heard. Sometimes we most fear doing what we love most in case it doesn't work out as we hope, but sometimes we just need to take that chance regardless! Who knows, maybe those words and plots and characters will take me on a journey that others will get to share with me, and lead me one step closer to living my dream life... I hope so!
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2 Responses to Day 7 – A Working Girl’s Question

  1. John says:

    Sounds like one of your days for sure. I really enjoy how you’re to the point and descriptive.

  2. Some of my days really are like that! And they’re to the point too – no time for frills!!

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