Day 9 – Tony’s Bar (Noir)

Today’s Prompt: Write a poem inspired by the Noir novels/movies of the mid-20th century. Personally, I really liked this topic/prompt – but then I always was a sucker for the combination of a romance, saxophone and mist… You’re never quite sure how those old black-and-white movies will end – will it be happily or will it be tragic? I guess you have to wait ’till the Fat Lady sings (although perhaps the Fat Lady’s actually curvaceous and lithe)…

Tony’s Bar

By Angel Dawson

The moon shines down on the sleeping city

And glows on Tony’s Bar.

The soulful strains of a sax playing “Misty”

Hitch a ride on the breeze from afar.

The neon sign flickers and splutters out

As Tony kills the light switch;

He thinks of Holly and her pretty red pout

Then his thoughts turn to Screwdriver Mitch.

On Friday nights Holly sings, all breathless,

Her svelte frame swathed in black.

In a velvet sheath, bejeweled and backless,

Gold silk spills down her ivory back.

Tony and Holly go back a long time,

Long before this cold, dark place.

He knows he will give her his every last dime,

As he thinks back to the curves of her face.

But Screwdriver Mitch put an end to all that,

When he saw Holly singing.

At six foot four, with a scar and a hat,

His presence was perpetually stinging.

Tony turns round for one long, last look

As Present melts into Past.

They’ve made a plan, and their tickets are booked,

They’re leaving this old, cold town fast…


There you have it – let me know what you think! Do you think it captured the Noir essence?

I know I am a day behind so will be making a double-post to catch up – after all, 30 days must produce 30 poems… This weekend will also see a few more changes to my site – I got lots of tips and suggestions from friends this week so will be putting some into action.

About One Day Closer To My Dream Life

Hi, I'm Angel, and I'm so glad you stopped by. Although Life took me down another road, since childhood I have loved writing and the power of language to evoke feelings and memories, to communicate with the hundreds of people we come into contact with and build relationships with along the way, and to impart ideas with. It's high time that I reunite with my old pleasure and passion, and start writing down all those words that are rushing around aimlessly in my head, jostling with each other to be heard. Sometimes we most fear doing what we love most in case it doesn't work out as we hope, but sometimes we just need to take that chance regardless! Who knows, maybe those words and plots and characters will take me on a journey that others will get to share with me, and lead me one step closer to living my dream life... I hope so!
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