Day 19 – Looking for Lotto

Today’s Prompt: Write a poem in the form of a personals ad. Well, I’ve never placed a personals ad, but I wouldn’t mind the Lotto numbers finding me…

Looking for Lotto

by Angel Dawson

Six little numbers urgently needed,

A future’s at stake, you will be heeded.

Six little numbers, please contact me soon,

We’d make a great team, you’re the ideal boon.


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Day 18 – How

Today’s Prompt: Use the same word for the first and the last word of your poem.


by Angel Dawson

How do you eat an elephant?

Just one bite at a time –

Sometimes the simplest solutions

Get lost in the sublime.

So next time you feel overwhelmed

With elephant, whale or cow,

Remember, just start – take that bite!

A bite at a time is how.


Sometimes things do seem awfully overwhelming (like posting 17 poems before midnight of April 30th. This year.) but if you just take that step, take that first bite and START, it’ll be a whole lot easier than you thought… Good luck with your elephants!

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Day 17 – Winter Welcome

Today’s Prompt: Write a poem of greeting.

Winter Welcome

by Angel Dawson

Winter, I hear you, knocking loud upon my door,

I feel your icy fingers, see your misty sighs…

I greet you with mixed feelings of dread and salutation,

Your cold is uninvited but I love your clear blue skies.

The glow of a lamplit window on a cold and wintry eve

Warms a weary heart with its welcoming sight.

But the ache in my poor fingers from the iciness you bring,

Leaves me wishing you would leave with all of my might.

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Day 16 – The Thunderstorms Have Come to Town

Today’s Prompt: WAS IGNORED!! I just could not seem to come to grips with translating a poem from another language and turning it into a different poem, so I took a Freebie and let my imagination run wild – back to childhood! Truthfully, I absolutely love today’s offering, if I may say so myself 🙂

The Thunderstorms Have Come to Town

by Angel Dawson

The thunder rumbles in the sky,

The lightning flashes way up high,

A flash! A crack! The rain falls down!

The Thunderstorms have come to town!


The Thunderstorms are mighty strong –

They often bring the wind along!

Hot summer days are cooling down –

The Thunderstorms have come to town!


Father Storm shakes clouds above,

Mother Storm points her bright glove,

Hurry in – the sight, the sound,

The Thunderstorms have come to town!


Sister Storm swirls leaves about,

Brother Storm gives trees a clout!

Uncles, aunts – they’re all around,

The Thunderstorms have come to town!


The thunder rumbles in the sky,

The lightning flashes way up high,

A flash! A crack! The rain falls down!

The Thunderstorms have come to town!


What did I tell you? I know that one’s a Goody!!

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Day 15 – Venus and Mars (Pantun)

Today’s Prompt: Write a Pantun, which is a rhymed quatrain (four lines, a-b-a-b rhyme) with 8-12 syllables per line and – get this! – the first two lines have no logical link to the next/last two lines! One just can’t help wondering why someone would come up with such a thing, but here goes:

Venus and Mars

by Angel Dawson

The moon floats past on an inky sky,

It’s a ship in a sea of bright stars.

You see folks in groups, they wave, say “hi”

The women from Venus, and the men from Mars.


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Day 14 – God’s View (Persona Poem)

Hello again! Time is running out to get to the nitty-gritty task of posting some of the backlogged, journal-jotted poems for NaPoWriMo – and believe me, writing 30 poems in 30 days IS a challenge! More so than I thought it would be, and I am looking forward to staring the writing course I have signed up for – but best I keep to one thing at a time. I have tried to keep to the NaPoWriMo blog’s optional prompts, but there were a couple that I decided against and did my own thing for… Again, I hope you enjoy my musings!

Today’s Prompt: Write a Persona Poem (a poem written in the voice of someone else such as a superhero, super-villain – or God!) This was super-hard!

God’s View

By Angel Dawson

I see them rushing as I watch from Heaven,

Billions of people, afraid and forlorn.

So many think that I do not love them,

Yet their pain and suffering leave my heart torn.

Spread the love,, lose the greed, forget hate, plant a seed

Of caring and giving, share some joy, fill a need.

Yes, those who are at peace with their lot in life,

They’ve found me and I’m so grateful they have.

Then there are those who plan nothing but strife,

My son gave his life, yet they remain brats.

Heal the earth, fear ye not, can’t you see all you’ve got?

I gave you a world, you’re ruining the lot…

They tire me out with their wants, schemes and demands –

Those with the most seem to want even more.

And they rarely follow my few commands,

Being God to these folks leaves me quite heartsore…

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Day 13 – Morning Glory

Today’s prompt: Take a walk and write what you see.

Morning Glory

by Angel Dawson

As I wander and roam,

‘Neath the warmth of the sun,

And I smell the sweet scent

Of a day just begun,

There are roses in bloom

In a wild profusion,

And fuchsias in flower

In colored confusion.

Geraniums in pots,

Fiery scarlet and plum,

The odd starry jasmine,

A path beckoning “come”.

The blue sky above me,

With clouds puffy and white,

And the sweet scents of blossoms

Is a sensuous delight.

A soft verdant carpet

Welcomes my every tread,

While a jumble of hues

Spills out each flower bed.

The music of birdsong

And the sound of a stream

Are matched to perfection

As I wander and dream.

Everything above, except the stream, can be found in my mom’s beautiful garden which was my inspiration. The orchid and rose pictures posted are also from her little floral kingdom.

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